QHSE policies

On this page we present our QHSE Policies.


Quality, safety, environment, and health policy

It is the company’s policy to comply with established contracts and continuously improve its management system and service delivery in oil and/or gas exploration, production, and hydrocarbon transportation in national and international waters. Ventura Offshore aims to satisfy its customers, providing safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, service providers, and local communities, maintaining a non-polluting operational practice that eliminates or minimises its significant environmental aspects.


Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco policy

The company recognizes that the consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking, or other toxic substances can have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of our employees.


Stop work authority policy

It is the company’s policy to constantly concern itself with the safety and health of its employees, with the protection of the environment, and the integrity of equipment. Therefore, all individuals working at a Ventura Offshore rig must ensure that their actions reflect this guideline by using their knowledge and understanding of procedures to perform tasks safely.