Recruitment guidelines

Statement of strategic recruitment and selection guidelines.


We hire

We are looking for professionals that are ambitious, original, and willing to challenge the traditional, interested in a corporate environment with rich diversity and dedication to delivering results.



Our working environment

Ventura Offshore is a genuinely diverse company, with a welcoming environment and teams motivated and guided to handle possible differences peacefully, based on respect for each individual. We operate in a free environment that encourages expression, authenticity, and genuineness. With this ideology, Ventura Offshore collaborates in opening up new horizons for a more mature and enriched society.


Our culture

Our culture prioritises diversity, considering each individual as a precious intellectual asset to the organisation. We understand that their experiences and different perspectives will generate significant positive influences, giving Ventura Offshore a personality of values.

With this ideology, Ventura Offshore acts as a large company focused on a collective and shared purpose, assisting in building healthy relationships and fluid communication, facilitating interaction, and motivating talent to harvest the best from each individual.