SSV Victoria

Technical information


SSV Victoria

The SSV Victoria is designed to operate in specified environments, such as offshore Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, and West Africa, in ultra-deepwater depths of up to 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) with drilling depths of up to 35,000 feet (10,668 meters).

The rig is designed for:

  • Exploration and appraisal drilling in combination with well testing
  • Production well drilling
  • Drilling and completion of subsea wells with template installation, pull-in operations, and well intervention services
  • Workover and maintenance of satellite and subsea wells


The rig has a variable payload capacity of platform and column in operational and survival conditions of approximately 8,500 tons. The total variable payload in operation and survival is approximately 13,000 tons. The total payload in transit conditions is approximately 8,500 tons. Station keeping is achieved by a dynamic positioning (DP) system, including eight thrusters, all in accordance with DNV DYNPOS AUTRO Requirements, also complying with the IMO DP class 3 rules.

Accommodation for a regular total number of 160 people is provided at the front of the rig. During repair and maintenance in sheltered waters, the rug has a capacity for 174 people.

A helicopter landing platform for one helicopter, type SIKORSKY S-61/S-92, is located on the top of the house deck to port.



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