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For more than 50 years, Ventura Offshore has developed a significant capacity for project execution in the oil and gas industry. With the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders and engineering in its DNA, the company has been operating in offshore drilling since 1998. Among its diverse clients and partners, Ventura Offshore, along with its subsidiaries Ventura Petróleo, Universal Energy Resources Inc., and Lantz Services, develops offshore projects in Brazil and worldwide.


Ventura Offshore

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Lantz Services

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Areas of operation

With a highly qualified team with both national and international experience, Ventura Offshore operates across various sectors of the oil and gas industry. With extensive expertise in mobilisation and operation of drilling rigs, the company has previously worked in regions such as Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. It currently maintains offices in Indonesia, USA and Brazil.

Offshore services

Ventura Offshore is renowned for its offshore service provision, earning recognition from all its clients.


Since 1998, Ventura Offshore has been operating offshore drilling units and more than 100 wells have been drilled.

Third-party asset management

Ventura Offshore engages in third-party asset management, covering all operational aspects of offshore activities such as human resources, logistics, operations, engineering, maintenance, and projects.

Offshore project management

Ventura is recognized as a reference in the planning and execution of large-scale offshore projects. Upgrade, maintenance, mobilization, and contractual preparation are some areas of expertise.

Operational history

Worldwide operations

With extensive experience in international operations and expertise in rig mobilisation and logistics, our assets and corporate structures meet both Brazilian and international operators’ requirements. Ventura Offshore has offices and subsidiary companies worldwide to meet our clients’ needs with excellence.







Our fleet

Ventura Offshore currently operates four offshore drilling units, two semi-submersible and two drillships, all capable of operating in water depths of up to 3,000 meters. Two of the units are managed vessels. Several other rigs are part of our company’s history. Click below to learn more about our expertise.


Ventura Offshore is committed to providing the best working conditions for all our employees. We comply with environmental regulations, safety, health, and established quality processes, developing the best operations, procedures and policies.


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